Monday, September 6, 2010

With this ring...

Today I am wearing my wedding ring for the first time nearly three months. Oh how I've missed it!!

When summer came around this year, the ring was just too tight and uncomfortable to wear. Of course the obvious reason would be that it shrunk, because we just aren't going to explore the other options. It was before I got pregnant (or knew I was pregnant, at least) so that's not even really to blame. I took it in to get resized several weeks ago and have just now gotten around to making my way back to Independence Center to pick it up.

I am so happy to have it back!! At least until I swell up even more in a couple of months and won't be able to wear it again. Especially since Derek has been gone, I've been longing for my ring, as if for nothing else to let the outside world know that I am married. Not that anyone else probably noticed at all... but I did. And I am proud of my marriage and am super glad that too have my bling back so I can show it off!!



  1. I'm so glad you got your ring back too! When I had been married a couple of years we had to hand my precious ring over to the jeweler for about 2 months while they did some work on it and like you I was going crazy walking around without a band on my finger and I missed it so much. I got it right before Christmas which was a special treat! Hope it fits for a while:)

  2. YAY for having it back! And for real, I seriously love that photo!


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