Thursday, October 28, 2010

The Birthday Boy

My sweet baby boy is two today! In some ways, it seems impossible that he could ever be this big, but then at the same time, he is doing new stuff everyday and he just seems so big! Like classic two-year-old stuff. He has a system for everything. He is using new words every day. And there are the times or two (or twenty) that he likes to push his limits just to get a reaction-- just because. This normally occurs when I insist that he does not put his feet on the table from his high chair.

Jackson had his two-year pictures taken yesterday. Isn't he handsome?
Two Year Stats
  • Height and Weight: we go to well baby check up tomorrow. I guess 30 pounds-ish.
  • You are wearing size 24 month/2T clothes. I just gave away several brand new 18 month clothes that you never got to wear. They were too big in the spring and when I tried them on you, your arms and legs were just way to long!
  • You go to bed around 8:30 and sleep until around 7:30. You take an afternoon nap anywhere between 2-3ish hours depending on the day.
  • Even though you are a rough and tough little boy, you are so lovey and cuddly. Sometimes when you're playing you run over to give me a "chiss" and you like to be held when you drink from your cup. And sometimes you come and give the baby kisses and rub my tummy.
  • You sleep with your blanket(s) "bit" every night. When we rock, you insist that the blanket be on my shoulder "sho-sher" so you can put your head on it. They are both blue, but the camouflage one is the one you want when you refer to the "boo" one. 
  • You loooove Elmo. I'm not quite sure how it even started, but you aren't interested in watching any other show.
  • You have this amazing airplane detector-- you can hear one from miles away way before anyone else, and even if we never even end up seeing it, you still shout "airpane! airpane!!"
  • You know most of your alphabet (upper and lower case). Your favorite is H and you get really excited whenever you see one (Hy-vee, Home Depot, Kohl's). The cutest letter you say is W, "da-ba-da-ba-da", about 5 syllables worth. And you "see" letters everywhere, like when the parking space lines connect, that makes a "T" and or diagonal tiles make an "X".
  • Whenever you are around when I am getting ready, you insist on me sharing my deodorant and hairspray.
  • You love to help and I can trick you into about anything as long as I tell you that you are being a very good helper.
  • You are old enough to really play with your friends (not just parallel play). Sometimes you follow the lead of bigger kids, but most of the time they follow your lead. Your closets friends are Chacey and James.
  • Your favorite foods: juice, any kind of fruit, pizza "tssa", bread (not sandwiches, just bread), and goldfish crackers.
I love your beautiful brown eyes and your wispy blond hair! I love how how you scream "Mama!! Mama!" a million times I come into a room- even when I've only gone downstairs to switch the laundry! You are such a joy, a happy little guy and my parents say you have a personality just like me when I was your age. I look forward to watching you grow and grow even more. I love being your mommy!
Happy Birthday Jackson!!


  1. Happy Birthday to your little man!!! It's crazy how fast they grow and change. So awesome!

  2. Happy Bday Jackson. It is my daugther's birthday today too..she is 6!!!!

  3. He looks SO handsome!! Happy birthday Jackson! :)


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