Saturday, October 2, 2010

Georgia: T minus 3 days

I have spent a lot of time this week prepping for our trip to Georgia on Tuesday, which is quite unlike my usual method-- all very last minute. But, sometimes getting ready for a trip can be so stressful that I don't even get the chance to look forward to it, and I refuse to let that happen!! There is nothing that can take away from my excitement of seeing Derek in just a few short days.

I've purchased my travel-sized containers of liquids, picked up a letter from Jackson's doctor citing the need to carry Jackson's epi-pen on board, and have gotten ahold of a portable DVD player to keep Jackson occupied (and hopefully quiet and calm) during the flight. I have gotten my hair trimmed and Jackson's cut.

I've caught up on the piles of laundry and despite trying on a bazillion outfits, I have no idea what to wear for the first time I see Derek!! I have an idea, but I just cannot commit. I had an easier time picking out my wedding dress. I can't even decide on outfits for Jackson to wear. I bought this shirt awhile back at Kohl's... but it's long sleeved and it's still hot in Georgia.

Plus, there's the thought process of what clothing pieces to take as I need everything for Jackson and I to fit into these:

I began shopping around for Jackson's birthday presents, since we will be celebrating next week. I am so glad I started looking early because I had no idea how hard it would be to find a simple set of wooden train cars, like the ones he plays with at church. I looked throughout this entire city (Target, Walmart, Dollar General, Big Lots, Salvation Army, and Craigslist) and could only find Thomas trains... and they were $11 a piece minimum.
Thank goodness for ebay. I was able to get a set of 12 vehicles (4 cars, 4 train cars, 2 buses, and 2 emergency response cars) for a total of $11 including shipping. I will only be wrapping up the trains... he is going to be so excited. Plus, they will provide entertainment while we stay in a hotel room for several days! The toys came in the mail today, so I am gonna go wrap them up and put them in the suitcase. Another thing checked off the list.
I am looking forward to all of the things we have planned, but I'm a little anxious about everything going well. I'm nervous about being over-scheduled (and Jackson under-napped) with having the sonogram, Jackson's mini-celebration, and making sure Derek gets the meal of a lifetime after eating cafeteria-style for 10 weeks. And what if we run out of things to talk about or if the weather is opposite of the clothes we pack. What if we sit next to the grinch on the plane who hates little kids!? Will I have time to study for my test that I have right after we get back? I have spent so much time studying psychotherapy this past week, I sort of think that I might need to see some treatment before I leave!!!

But seriously, I am so excited and that's what keeps me motivated for all of the tedious tasks that go into planning and packing for a trip. A load of laundry just finished drying-- I'm gonna go try on more clothes to see if I can decide what I actually want to wear!!


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  1. Amy- check the weather before you come. It is fall in GA. It is pretty cool all of a sudden which is nice after being 90+ for the longest.


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