Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Still Recovering

We made our way back to Kansas City late Sunday night. Our time in Georgia was simply wonderful, especially because we got to hang out with Derek for a few extra days than expected!! I have tons to blog about and will get to it after my test in Counseling Theories tonight.

In the past week, my emotions have taken a ride on a ginormous roller coaster and so I'm doing my best at bringing myself back to normal. The great time we had together only made me miss him more, but I'm reminding myself of what Derek told me as we said our good-byes, "This sucks, but it's just one more step for me coming home for good." I can't wait until then!! It's less than six months away-- how exciting!

Here are a few more pictures from our trip:


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  1. I LOVED the post about your weekend. :-) I'm glad you that time. And yaaaaaaaay baby girl!! EEEP! I'm super excited! you are so the cutest pregnant mommy ever. Love you girl!


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