Tuesday, October 26, 2010

We've been crafty...

In the past few days, we've been crafty and it's been fun. Jackson is at a good age that he can work on a project and I think he actually enjoys it. And maybe if I give him good opportunities to color on actual paper, it will mean less artwork on my walls.

Anyway, yesterday we painted pumpkins (the much easier substitute, less dangerous substitute for carving). When buying the pumpkins, I had to tell him several times that pumpkins could not be bitten into like apples, though it didn't stop him from trying. It was definitely messy, but Chacey and Jackson both had a ton of fun!

 (Derek's was bummed about seeing his tshirts being used as paint guards... but I assure you all that I chose shirts that already had paint on them. It's not a conspiracy, despite what he thinks.)

We have one tree in our back yard that has already begun changing colors and several leaves have already fallen. I raked up a big pile and the kids had a ton of fun running, jumping, kicking, and throwing the leaves. So, when it was time to come in, I decided to let them pick some leaves to glue to some paper (the only way leaves were going to be allowed in my house). It doesn't seem like much, but they had fun and it changes things up a bit.

This little crafty streak all started when I went to MOPS last Wednesday and got to partake in my own craft project! Our craft was "green" as we were just reusing old supplies! After the kids were down for a nap that afternoon, I continued the crafty fun.

The supplies: any old paper. I used left over scrapbook pages that I kept because they were too cute to throw away and cut up old maps. Other people had old songbooks, pages from torn up old books. Scissors and glue.

And I made these:
(the card on the bottom right isn't just about the United States, it's actually an I Miss You card... so don't think I'm weird.)

Aren't these fun?! I love sending letters and I love cute stationary. Even better-- I made them (envelopes and all myself! And even better than that, I just used stuff that would have gone in the recycling (or worse, the trash!). Here's a link to the type of template we used for the envelope. Making the envelopes really took less than 5 minutes and the cards are as detailed as you want!

Now if only I could find away for the craft supplies to put themselves away...



  1. I love these! So cute. Nothing better than receiving a homemade card in the mail! :)

  2. I just love the cards!!! Great idea.

  3. This is exciting!! I want to make my own envelopes!!


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