Thursday, November 18, 2010

26 weeks

I have waited weeks and weeks to post just so I could have a picture to post too. I still don't have one, but it's been eight weeks since I've posted about the pregnancy and I just couldn't wait. I am sure I will get one eventually.
*How far along?: 26 weeks
*How big is your baby?:14 inches, head to heel
*Total weight gain?: 9 lbs. (7 of those occured within the last 4 weeks- Holy Cow!)
*Sex: Girl
*Maternity clothes: I have plenty, but I find myself just wearing sweats and Derek's t-shirts a few days a week. 
*Stretch marks: Still none. Hoping it stays that way.
*Movement:She's definitely active. She is low, way low, so I feel her move underneath my belt sometimes. It's just really weird compared to Jackson who was always up near my ribs.
*Sleep: Sleep isn't the greatest, but I am sure I'll sleep wonderfully once Derek comes home for Christmas.
*Best moment this week: It didn't happen this week, but Elizabeth has dropped off several of Chacey's old clothes and they are so much fun to go through!
*Food cravings: Nothing crazy. I just get in a mood for something and eat it for, like, a week before moving onto the next craving. This week it's PB&J.
*Labor signs: Not real ones
*Belly button in or out: Still in, but it looks funny...
*What I miss: Having days when I took less than ten trips to the bathroom in one day.
*What I'm looking forward to: Picking out a name. Maybe over Christmas?!

And since I don't have a picture to show my ever enlarging belly, I'll include a picture of this nifty contraption instead- the Especially for Mom Maternity Support that I had to go out and purchase a few weeks ago! Aren't you like super jealous?! I know you want one. It makes a total difference in how I feel at the end of the day. Even though it can be a hassle, it's a life-saver.



  1. Congrats! I'm a new follower, I didn't even know you are pregnant!
    Hope the rest of your pregnancy goes quickly and smoothly! :)


  2. I too am a new follower and excited and jealous. Not the part about a new baby, I have to admit that I'm done. But I wished I had had one of those support systems. It would have made a huge difference in my life.


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