Monday, November 15, 2010

My Christmas List

I've been asked multiple times for a Christmas list and I am so behind at actually getting one made. I just hardly have time to think about it and I totally feel guilty when I do because I need to be getting other things done (like right now-- I should be working on my 8-page paper that's due tomorrow and I haven't started).

I really only want one thing and this is it:
I want this hottie back home! Seriously, is he not just completely handsome?! Put a bow on him, place him under the tree and  will be a very happy girl!

And since I am the one made the travel arrangements, I do happen to know that it's one present I know I will be getting this year!! Only 32 days (not that we're counting or anything) until I pick him up at the airport and then we'll have 17 wonderful days to spend together! I am SO excited!!



  1. That is a perfect gift...and sometimes you just have to go get your perfect gift yourself!!!!

  2. Yay! SO glad he'll be home for Christmas! :)

  3. That is one HANDSOME husband you have there my friend! So happy you'll get him for Christmas!

  4. What a great present! Enjoy your time together!

  5. How wonderful for you! May these days pass quickly, and those 17 days go slowly :)

  6. Definitely the perfect present! Glad to have found you through iFellowship!


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