Sunday, December 12, 2010

Christmas Spirit

We've been getting into the Christmas spirit around here- music, decorations, "chrissy-lights". Jackson's pronunciation and interpretation of words and phrases has added much humor to the season this year!

Video Evidence #1: Santa vs. Satan
This is pretty funny. Though, it proved to be a little awkward at the Jazz Concert at church tonight when Jackson felt the need to point out the drummer in the Santa hat between songs, like when it's all quiet. It's not every day the church-goers get to hear "Satan!" shouted with quite so much enthusiasm.

Video Evidence #2
Didn't you get the memo? Christmas lights = poop.

This video really caught me off guard. He really had been going "oohh!" at the Christmas lights. But I can explain the connection. Last Tuesday night, we decided to drive around town to look at all the Christmas lights. Julie and I were "oooooh"-ing at the lights. Jackson interpretted this as "ewww". So he would look at lights and say "eww." Well, eventually that turned into "yuck". And then once more, it turned into "poop." Very interesting train of thought, but at least I was able to follow the thought process instead of completely dumbfounded about how the connection was made!

Video Evidence #3
Lastly, this is just a cute video of the chatterbox that Jackson has become lately. He is sharing with us all about the tree! Be sure to pay attention when he speaks or else he gets very frustrated.

And just to make things interesting, Jackson's new way of asking to be picked up is to walk up and say "Up You." He says this at home, church, the grocery store. It just adds to the Christmas Spirit, right?!

Satan, Poop, and Up You! Sounds like a Hallmark card in the making.



  1. New follower from Bloggy Moms. Love your webpage! Very cute! Merry Christmas!


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