Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Life is good

Derek's home. Life is good.

We picked him up at the airport on Saturday morning. His flight was only 15 minutes late, but it felt like an eternity.

Jackson and Derek are having so much fun playing together. Several times throughout the day I hear, "Daddy... come on!!" Jackson is adamant about having Derek around and watching everything he does. It's so sweet.

"Oh cool! A tunnel!" Derek said. 
Jackson simply can't be bothered by the Daddy in his way... he kept crawling through on top of Derek.

Until Derek ended up just plain stuck. Haha. 

Thanks to some awesome friends (including our awesome exchange student) who were gracious enough to bless us with gift cards and babysitting, Derek and I enjoyed a date night yesterday evening. First we had a fabulous dinner at the Hereford House and then headed off for our first 3D movie experience watching Tron on the IMAX. We even managed to get a little Christmas shopping done. It was SO NICE to spend some time together! (and Brooke managed to get Jackson to sleep without a fight and he got his first full nights sleep since Derek's been home- a spectacular gift on it's own!)

The best part is... is that it's only been just a couple of days! We still have several left to spend together!!!



  1. Oh my goodness, I am so very happy for you guys! And how nice that you got to have a date night. :)

  2. Oh Jackson's sign!! Pulling at my heartstrings!

    I am so happy he is home with you guys now!

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  4. Welcome home to your hubby! I love the title of your blog. I just became your 100th GFC fan :) Popping over from Seeds of Faith. Have a great day!

  5. Your networked blogs widget says your blog doesn't exist. Just wanted you to know.


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