Friday, December 10, 2010

Our Springfield Vacation

I have just gotten around to importing my pictures from our trip down to Springfield/Branson several weekends ago! We had a fabulous time escaping our typical routine and visiting some of my favorite things and people from my college years (which I just realized was a long time ago... I will celebrate my five-year college graduation next week.)

Our fabulous friends Jeff and Missy always open up their house to us when we travel in their direction. It's really brave of them to let a very active two-year-old roam around their house!!

Jackson helped Missy cook spaghetti for dinner. 

We went to the Christmas tree lighting ceremony at Jordan Valley Park (a favorite place from my college days!) and went over to the Cardinals stadium to watch some fireworks. Jackson's first experience with fireworks was comical. He watched the entire show on my lap without making a sound or moving a muscle... just stared. About two or three minutes after the show was over he looked at me and said "Boom! Boom! Fireworks!!" and he continued to talk about it all night long.

We headed down to Branson on Sunday. We spent the afternoon shopping at the outlet shops and then we went to the Dixie Stampede for dinner. Now, let me tell you I was really worried about paying so much for a ticket to a show that I bringing my two-year-old to. I had expected to spend at least half of the show back in the back letting him run around while I missed all of the good stuff... but really, Jackson was wonderful!! He loved eating the food with his hands and watching the animals! We all had a super fun time.

Jackson enjoyed getting to look at all the horses before the show started!

Jackson stole the heart of one of the lady-riders and she threw him a flower (which he promptly threw right back at her)!! She gave it back at the end of the show.

Before we left Branson, we drove through the Festival of Lights. The synchronized music to the snowman lights was really neat! We watched for almost three songs.

Some friends drove down from KC to meet us at The Home of the Throwed Rolls (Lamberts) for lunch on Monday. Even though I've worked there and know the vast amounts of grease required to make all of that yummy fried okra-- I can't ever stop loving to eat there. I was really craving a salad (stupid pregnancy) so I didn't get any of my favorite mashed potatoes, but I still had some okra, rolls, and fried potatoes. Delicious.

Julie and Jackson with Trey and Carter

Jackson had fun with the olives from my salad! He ate them off his fingers one by one.

I love this picture!! A roll was just thrown and even though he is completely ready with his hands out, it bonked him on the head. He laughed. :)

That afternoon, we went to the Palace (read: $3 movie theater) and watched MegaMind. Cute movie. Why can't we have a (non-disgusting) theater like that here in KC!? We had a nice relaxing night in on Monday night. It was fabulous! 

Tuesday for lunch, we met up with my friend Higgi (or as Jackson would say, "piggy") for lunch at Incredible Pizza. I seriously love that place. Unlike other nasty-tasting pizza kid places, this place has a great buffet and the play area is a lot of fun. With bumper cars and race track, it's fun for big kids too! 

Sarah Higgi and Jackson!

Playing the toss-the-ball-into-the-garbage-can game. 

Sarah, Me, and Jackson

I apologize that this post is so super long, but I wanted to get it all in here so I can move along to get back to blogging about current issues and not always playing catch up. I finished my class this week (woo hoo!) so that should help too!



  1. It looks like you guys had so much fun!! And Jackson with that flower?!? Two freaking cute! No wonder she was totally smitten with him! :)


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