Sunday, January 9, 2011

2010 in numbers

My goal was to complete my 2010 year in review post within ten days of the beginning of the new year.... I have 32 minutes to spare!

In 2010...
We gained 1 danish daughter
I took 2 pregnancy tests (one positive just isn't enough!)
We had 3 visits to Children's Mercy Urgent Care
Derek and I celebrated our 4 wedding anniversary
We participated in a 5k each (Derek ran his, I walked mine)
Our family got struck by 6 stomach viruses
I had 7 prenatal appointments
We rented 8 redbox movies
We visited a combined total of 9 states
(MO, KS, IA, MN, OK, TX, IL, SC, GA)
Derek spent 10 weeks at basic training

A few more...

I completed 13 graduate hours
Julie celebrated her Sweet 16th birthday
We enjoyed 17 days of having Derek home at Christmas
Derek is currently training as a 25B (information technology specialist)
Julie scored 26 points in her first American basketball game
Derek can do 53 push-ups and 61 sit-ups within two minutes time frame each
My blog reached 101 blog followers
I posted  169 blog posts and 928 tweets

It's been a crazy year. Overwhelming and scary at times, but fun and exciting too! I think one of the biggest things we learned as a family this year is that life happens fast! We've embraced that and we're ready 2011!



  1. What a cute idea lady! I love this post!!

  2. Wow! You've been a busy gal! You site is just adorable! I love the family photos. I'm visiting from iFellowship.

  3. This is a super fun post! Very creative - what a great way to look back at your year :)


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