Thursday, January 20, 2011

Snow, what fun!

There is no shortage of snow in our parts. Julie has been to school twice since Friday, January 7th (normally, there would have been nine school days). Last night, Elizabeth endured a three hour drive to come pick up Chacey, which is a typical half-hour commute. A steady, heavy snowfall started around 2:00 yesterday afternoon and continued until early morning, for a total of about 7.5 inches here in our area. And since we've had decent temperatures today, it was perfect to let the kids get out and play in the snow.

All bundled up! It was actually Jackson's first time playing in the snow. He had fun just checking it out.

You can barely see the plastic containers and spoons, but the kiddos are "cooking" and "stirring" the snow.

Climbing up the snow plow pile

Almost there!

 Ta-Da! (yes, that's what he said)
Chacey didn't have as much luck getting to the top.

Aren't these pictures fun?! I have a working camera... WOO HOO!  (a big thank you to Best Buy's replacement program.) I've been hassling with my old one since October and using Julie's in the mean time, so I'm super excited and eager to take lots of pictures!


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