Friday, February 4, 2011

And here's a box of your stuff....

I had to pack a box today, and the entire time this scene was going through my head:

Rachel: Yeah. Ahh, here’s a box of your stuff. (hands him a box) 
Ross: What?!
Rachel: Oh, y'know, it’s just like hats, and a shirt, and CD’s, just sort of stuff that you've left here.
Ross: What are you doing? Are you trying to hurt me? Or something? 
Rachel: No. Ross, it, it just seems that y'know it’s time we-we y'know, move on. I mean, I mean don’t’ you think?  
Ross: No!! Y'know-y'know don’t do me any favors. In fact, where, where’s the rest of my stuff?! Huh? Like-like my umm, (picks up a book) Hey, this book is mine!! And-and-and, and that T-shirt you sleep in? I’d like that back too. Yes I do. 
Rachel: You know how much I love that T-shirt! You never even where that T-shirt!  
Ross: I’m just trying to help you, move on. 
(episode: The One With the Tiny T-shirt)
My box didn't include a dinosaur mug. Instead, it housed extra diapers, cups, a swimsuit, blanket, baby doll, a pair of shoes, and an extra pacifier.

Today was Chacey's last day of coming over. Okay, probably not, like, forever and ever. But she starts a new daycare on Monday. It is just so sad to think about. Her little smiling face has lit up our house for over a year now. And she is without a doubt, Jackson's BFF.

I mean, I knew this was coming. Our little girl is arriving in two weeks. TWO WEEKS. I am hoping to get in some good Mommy-Jackson time, doing some fun things together, driving up to spend a day or two with my parents, but also to finish up the loose ends and finish the final preparations.

Here's a picture of the pair from a post on Feb. 3, 2010

This is a picture from today today, Feb. 4, 2011

And here's the "last" good-bye hug. 

I am really hoping that after things settle down-- after Derek gets home, we are in a good routine, and the baby girl is a few months old-- that things will work out that Chacey can still come over once or twice a week. In all honesty, it will probably just make things easier for me as they do a good job (most of the time) at entertaining themselves and playing together. But honestly, I just really like having Chacey around.

At least, they'll still have church to play together... and maybe a McDonald's play date or two before the baby comes!


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  1. Love how everything in life can be related back to Friends! :)


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