Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Big Brother Practice

A couple weeks ago, I asked a friend if we could borrow a doll. I didn't know how it would go over with Jackson, but he loves it! My initial plan had been just to have it for Jackson to play with after the baby arrived because he really does like to do the things I am doing. It turns out, that it's also good for Big Brother

This morning, Jackson insisted that baby lay with him while he watched the Backyardigans. He sat like this through the entire show (which is a lot considering that sitting still in general is a rarity, but to cuddle and keep his attention on the baby too... amazing!)

The crazy thing is, is that I never had to tell him how to "take care" of his baby. He wants to wrap it up, lay down with it, put it in the swing, change the diaper... and these are all he's ideas. (The doll is truly just an "it" because it is technically a boy doll, however, we talk sometimes refer to it as baby sister, as to try to help him understand how to treat her when she comes.) I chime in every once in awhile with certain key words, such as "soft, gentle, nice, love," just to set the tone. I don't let him play with the doll without supervision, just to monitor that it doesn't become a punching bag or whatever sort of thing he could come up with.

I caught a great video of him taking care of the baby this afternoon. It is an 8 minute video, but it is just so sweet. You have to watch at least part of it!

He's going to be a GREAT big brother!!


  1. Love love love! He IS going to be a great big brother!!


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