Friday, February 25, 2011

Bye Bye Blankie

Don't worry, Jackson... not YOUR blankie. That would be disastrous on so many levels! 

We're talking about Belle's bili-blanket!

Belle's already been to the doctor enough this week that they pull her charts as soon as we walk in the office- we don't even have to sign in. We've had to go back several times to get her bilirubin checked and we have another appointment next week. By Tuesday, her bilirubin levels had elevated to a point where she needed a little intervention. I am so glad we could use the blanket this time, as opposed to checking into the hospital with Jackson! It was pain in the tush, in all honesty, but it worked and we got the go ahead from the doctor to take her off the blanket today.

Yay for getting to wear the cute clothes that are overflowing in her closet again! (She had to be down to a diaper and swaddled with the blanket for the past several days, so all those clothes were just hanging there un-purposefully!)

Belle's one week old today!



  1. Hooray for no more blanket! And oh my she is beautiful!

  2. Happy one week! She's so cute in the elephant outfit!

  3. Great news!! Thrilled to hear it. She is such a sweetie!

  4. My son has the EXACT same blanket and it's his favorite! His "bee".


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