Sunday, February 13, 2011

Homecoming Festivities!

Homecoming festivities have been happening here for the past couple of weeks.

Spirit week 
(actually two weeks due to snow days!)
Pajama Day!

 The Basketball Game
Go Mustangs!

Grammy helped Jackson show some spirit. Yea, Julie!

Homecoming Court
Julie was nominated as a candidate for queen!! 
(I was privelaged to escort her during the ceremony- I am like, twice as wide as she is!!!) She didn't win, but she came home and said, "I'm glad Diana won. She really wanted to win." She truly meant it too. No wonder the kids in her class love her!
(side note: Derek was Homecoming King back in his high school days)

Homecoming Formal
 Isn't Julie just b-e-a-utiful!?!?
The kids got all fancied up last night to go to dinner and a comedy club. Julie said it was so much fun.

 Oh! And here is how her Matt asked her to homecoming... so cute!


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  1. Julie looks gorgeous! Beautiful!! Oh I love that she had so much fun!!


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