Saturday, February 12, 2011

These are a few of my favorite things

I've seen this on several other blogs lately, so I thought I'd join in on the fun and share some of my current most favorite things!
We have been cable-free for over two years now, but it wasn't until this summer that we jumped on the Neflix bandwagon. Best decision of 2010. And ever since we started this nasty winter weather last month, it has become my lifesaver. I hate that we've watched so much tv lately, but when there are ten inches of snow on the ground and temperatures are in the negatives, it's not like we can get out of the house much. We watch Thomas, Barney, The Backyardigans... all without commercials and on our time schedule! Jackson enjoys it and it helps us not get so stir-crazy. Monthly subscriptions start at around $10/mo. 

Magna Doodle

This was one of Jackson's Christmas presents. I don't know what it was about this past week, but he all of a sudden became very interested in his "drawing Doodle". We drove to a couple hours last Saturday to visit my sister and this kept him entertained the whole drive there. "Drawin' rainbow, Mommy." I also used it this week when we went to watch one of Julie's basketball games. And when it says, Kid Tough-- they really mean it. He stands on it from time to time and it gets banged around traveling with us and it doesn't even show a mark. I purchased mine for $10 on Black Friday, but you can purchase them for $15-20 at Target or Walmart.

Munchkin Snack Holder

My sister-in-law introduced to me to these amazing contraptions over Christmas-- a snack container that allows little fingers to reach in, but keeps the snack from spilling out when it's turned over. I bought a couple as soon as I could and we use them a lot, like almost everyday. We use them around the house, in the car, to take to church. It's not just good for clumsy-toddler spillage, but it contains the snack when a determined two-year-old attempts at all costs to make a mess. It even keeps Jackson occupied longer when he eats a snack because it's a little extra work. I bought mine (two) for around $5 at Target. 

Glitter Fingernail Polish
I love fingernail polish. It's basically a staple on my Christmas list every year. This year, I specifically requested glittery polish, because as my sister said, "glitter is the new black." Mom got me a few glittery colors and I am in loooooove. I have worn it all by itself for a major glittery effect and I've also just put a little glittery top-coat on a fun color. Keeping my nails painted is a silly priority for me, even though they never stay nice for long because I'm always doing stuff, but I just feel so much better when they are all pretty! Sometimes I even plan ahead in my head a specific time I will be able to paint my nails. It's normally while I watch an episode of Scrubs. My glittery polish that I received this Christmas is OPI and ranges from $7-9, depending on where you purchase it.

Yoga Pants/Jackets
(I'm hesitant to describe how much I really, really love these "track suits" in fear of being associated with Sue Sylvester from Glee. I am *so* not her!)

Even though I haven't actually worn this outfit pictured here, I did purchase it for after the baby arrives. In fact, it's my very own coming home outfit. I practically lived in the two outfits like this after Jackson. I mean, it's so comfy you feel as if you're wearing pajamas, but you can leave the house looking and feeling cute and put together. Plus, the zipper jacket is really nice when it comes to nursing, too, especially when you have a nursing tank underneath. This is available from Walmart for $26 for the set. 

So, these are some of my things that I really like! All opinions are mine and this post was not sponsored by any of the above products. But if one of these businesses wants me to review a product, like OPI and every color of their finger nail polish selection, I will make room for a special blog!!! Just sayin'....



  1. LOL at your Sue Sylvester comment! I was thinking that's really cute not that you were like Sue! That nail polish is funky fun too.

  2. I agree... do not know what I would do without Netflix!


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