Monday, February 7, 2011

Zou College

This past Saturday, we all piled in the car and went to visit my sister, Laura, at college. She had been inviting us to visit since school started in the fall and with less than two weeks before the baby girl arrives, I knew it had to be this past weekend or possibly not at all! In conversation with Jackson, I had mentioned that we were going to be visiting Laura at Mizzou, where she goes to college. He was excited to visit Laura at the "zou college." So cute.

Jackson really likes his "Zou" Tigers and he wore his team apparel for the day! Laura has Mizzou stuff to wear for everyday of the week and more. Seeing her in black and gold is nothing out of the ordinary.

Laura took us to lunch at the dining hall. (She saved up meals from her meal plan, so maybe I should say Mom and Dad treated us to lunch.) Jackson enjoyed eating a wide array of food- french fries, cottage cheese, apple sauce, peaches, ice cream, and a bite of cookie.

 He even shared with Laura.

Jackson was a big help, assisting Laura in checking her mail! He loooooved those combination locks.

We spent a few hours in the afternoon at the mall. My BFF from high school met up with us there and it was so nice to catch up and visit with her! Though I need to stick to hanging out with friends who are less ambitious. It's only taken me three years to finally complete *half* of my graduate degree and she's about ready to graduate with her doctorate (Law) and an additional master's (MBA).S he already as a job, and an office, and also serves as Managing Editor for the MU Law Review. Did I mention that she graduated a year after me?! Man, I am a total slacker! 

Anyway.... we headed back to Laura's dorm for awhile to hang out. It was nice just to visit and chill!

College = junk food. Jackson totally caught on quickly.

Julie is so bummed that she doesn't get to go to college next year (she still has three more years of high school back in Denmark!)

Jackson did a pretty good job just hanging out in Laura's room. Uhm... yes, that might actually be pink polish on his index fingernails--but he asked!! And they match Aunt Laura's!

Right before we left, Jackson said, "Jackson, picture, cheese"... so we had to take one last shot! Take a look at those eyes. He totally has Aunt Laura (and Uncle Phil) eyes...not his mommy's or his daddy's. 

It was such a fun day!! Walking around the college campus and the mall completely wore me out and I spent most of Sunday on a couch/bed with a heating pad. Laura loves her school and I think it's just fun being on any college campus. It's nostalgic! I am looking forward to visiting again... when I'm not 9 months pregnant and there isn't a bazillion inches of snow on the ground so we can walk around more and check it all out!

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