Tuesday, March 1, 2011

It's March!!

It's March 1st, ya'll. Derek is coming home *this* month. If you haven't jumped up from your seat and shouted, "WOO HOO!" yet then maybe you didn't hear me correctly.

(per the tentative plan, we still don't have a confirmed date, 
but whatever day it may be-- it's close!)

And let me tell you that it won't be a day too soon! I miss that man so incredibly much! If I didn't have two children at home, I'd consider packing my things and just camping out at the airport.

In effort to make light of my missing Derek in the beginning of our separation, I made a list of things that I wouldn't miss so much about him being gone. I have definitely enjoyed the freedom to wear his clothes and always being able to pick my movie of choice (when it's not the Backyardigans or Thomas the Train)... and of course, the lack of conversations involving topics of farting and bowel movements has been nice.

But I'm really ready for him to come home and I'm more than willing to let go of some of those perks if it means that he's home! (Though, if he's going to fart in bed and trap it under the covers, he may as well just stay in Georgia.) I have a new list of things that I am looking forward to for when he comes home...aside from the super obvious, mushy I-just-can't-wait-to-have-my-best-friend-home reasons.

  1. Having someone to warm my cold feet in bed.
  2. Man smell of the cologne, deodorant, and shampoo variety.
  3. Not having to drive absolutely everywhere we go (I never noticed until he came home at Christmas and I got a driving break. It was nice!)
  4. Light bulb replacer. I will never hassle him about his obsessive need to have a bazillion light bulbs on hand.
  5. Going to the movies together--like that will be easy with two kids, but it's our favorite thing to do together.
  6. Sitting next to him at church.
  7. Watching him play with Jackson and Belle- nothing is cuter than a man when he plays with kids!
  8. Laughing with him at our lame inside jokes.
  9. Being kept up to date about the latest technology/gadget news and silly websites that can waste hours of your time. 
  10. So I can kiss him anytime I want. (Sweet Home Alabama style)
I have to quit re-reading my list because I'm just getting to giddy! Here's hoping the next couple weeks just fly by! 



  1. I'm so giddy for you & I'm on the other side of the screen. I love your list!

  2. Loving the list and loving that it's only 17 days!!


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