Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Mavericks game

Last night we went to a Missouri Mavericks ice hockey game. They are new to the city (this is their first or second season) and so it was the first time we've been. It was super fun!

Dad was soaking up more Belle cuddles while Jackson hung out with Julie!

The noise level was at about a million decibels at any given moment in the arena-- but went up to about a kazillion decibels when the buzzer went off after the team scored a goal. Jackson appreciated Grandma covering his ears!

In the meantime, Derek enjoyed his nachos-- and these weren't just your typical sporting event nachos! They were delicious.

Hanging out with Dad!

Belle pretty much just slept the entire time. I had to hold her close as I never knew when the buzzer was going off and I would need to hold her ears. I didn't mind. :)

Forrest got a great picture of her during the few minutes she was actually awake... could she be any cuter?!

It was a great family outing! At only $14 a ticket and free parking-- it wasn't even a costly night out! The game started out rather slow, but got very exciting in the second and third period! We had to have the guys sitting in front of us explain some of the rules and calls. Next time, I will definitely be watching The Mighty Ducks to brush up on my hockey knowledge... I'll take any excuse to watch that movie. I had the biggest crush on Charlie my entire childhood! 



  1. What great photos! We have a Bella too - but she's a few months older than your adorable little one! So glad that you all had a wonderful time.

    Happy ifellowship!

  2. Adorable photos! I miss the hockey games:-( There are none where I currently live.


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