Tuesday, March 15, 2011

We made it to Georgia!

With a little under five hours of sleep last night, Belle and I headed out this morning for our trip to Augusta! Grandpa drove us up to the airport, but not without a quick stop to get a Coke. I definitely needed some caffeine. Jackson insisted on a million kisses before I left the car, so after I kissed his cheeks, eyes, ears, nose, chin, arms (I called it quits when he wanted me to kiss the car)... we said our goodbyes and headed inside!

The trip went super smoothly. Not surprisingly, Belle captured all sorts of attention. Everyone oohed and ahhed and told me just how pretty she was! One teenage boy even said, "I like your baby!" Ha. The flight attendant on the first flight asked to hold her so I could get my bags and she showed Belle off to every single passenger we passed!

Belle practically never opened her eyes on either flight. We just cuddled the whole time-- it was probably the most comfortable I've ever been on a flight! She's just so snuggly. (ugh- look at those bags under my eyes! I even used make-up to try to hide them!)

I opted to use the same strategy from when we traveled last fall-- use the stroller for the luggage, not the baby!

And I decided to wear Belle. Have I mentioned how I looooove my Moby wrap?! I use it all of the time.

She was the perfect lap baby! This was pretty much how she spent the entire flight. She didn't even make a peep!

This super cute pug was our seat companion! The dog can sense when her owner is going to have a seizure and will go get help anywhere between one minute to one hour before it happens. How amazing that the dog can do that! The cuteness factor in our aisle was through the roof!

So, now we're just chillin' at the hotel! It's been a good day. I've really gotten the chance to cuddle and enjoy Belle all by herself, without several other things to attend to. So, I've gotten touch her super soft skin, play with her head full of hair, and listen to the coos I talk about her daddy. We can't wait for Derek's graduation tomorrow!


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  1. So glad she did so well!! My little one would never have made it even as a baby. Hopefully the next one!! ;0. She looks so precious!


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