Monday, March 14, 2011

Weekend with the Fam

I have a flight that leaves in less than 11 hours and I am totally not even packed. Why am I sitting down for a blog post? Well, because tonight's bedtime experience was a bedtime straight from you-know-where and I need to sit and chill before I can even focus. I had high hopes of deep cleaning the house and stocking up the fridge of Derek's favorite foods that he could come home to-- but that just isn't going to happen. Getting stuff accomplished with two children is HARD, especially when the hubs is several states away! But that will all be changing THIS WEEK. Derek's coming home on Thursday! WOO HOO!!!

I spent the weekend up at my parent's house. It was nice to chill and spend time with the family, and I won't deny that getting a full night's rest while my mom was on baby-duty was very nice too.

We enjoyed a nice walk (it was more of a "run" for Jackson) on Friday night.

And on Saturday, we went to the Snake Saturday Parade in North Kansas City. You all know how much I love living in KC and this was just another fun thing to add to my list of the fun things to do!

saying "hi" and "bye" to every single float that passed by!

Grammy enjoyed the parade while cuddling little Belle.

My sister Laura came home from college for the weekend. She loves hanging out with Jackson-- and loves taking tons of pictures almost as much!


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  1. I love being featured in your blog :) :) I had a lot of fun this weekend!!!!!!! Have fun getting Derek :) Love you


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