Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Fun

We had lots of Easter fun this year! This post is going to be all practically all pictures because it's simply all I have time for and I don't want to put it off because I just know I will never get to it otherwise! 

Dying eggs

My new favorite picture of this guy! Check out that ornery smile!

His fingers were blue for several days!

Easter Egg Hunt at Church
Sitting (not patiently) while the Easter Story was presented

The kids checking out their loot

Easter Morning
My American and Danish "kids"

Our family

My babies-- love this!

Family Dinner 
My very first family dinner! I had hopes of a nice table cloth, centerpiece, cute name cards- something all super cute... but yeah, that totally didn't happen. Maybe next time, right!?
*thanks to Laura for taking the picture!!*

Family Easter Egg Hunt
"There's one!"

He couldn't move onto the next egg before eating the chocolate candy (he didn't mind putting the jelly bean filled eggs in the basket).

Belle's first Easter, her first holiday actually!


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  1. so cute! looks like you guys had a great Eater! Beautiful family!


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