Saturday, April 2, 2011

He's Home!!

For some of you, this is old news... but I realized that I never actually posted that Derek is back home. Like, home for good! It's actually been a little over two weeks and it's been simply fabulous! And also the reason for my complete social-network-neglection lately! We've been spending time together as a family and we've even gotten the chance to go on a few dates! We've gotten stuff done around the house and we've been out and about around town!

Derek and I at the top of Liberty Memorial overlooking Kansas City

We celebrated Derek's 27th birthday with family, friends, and cake!

Derek's been loving, cuddling, and soaking up the sweetness of our cute daughter.
 And he's been making sure Jackson gets out his energy in ways that don't leave our house in disarray... like rock wall climbing!

It is SO good to have our family back together. It just feels like this is just the way it's meant to be! 

Derek's been able to spend the past two weeks at home with us (minus two weekends he's had to report for Guard duty) and it's been great to have all that time with him! But he starts back at work on Monday; he's not particularly enthusiastic about it either. Wouldn't it just be great if we could somehow get paid for spending time together as a family so he wouldn't have to work!? Like in a non-train-wreck-Gosselin-family sort of way? Though, after spending a long nine (kidless) months with the army, he may actually be looking forward to a calm, quiet atmosphere several hours a day because goodness knows our house is anything but either of those two things!


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