Thursday, April 14, 2011

Laptop woes

Kids down for naps, I was preparing to blog about my super fun, impromptu trip to Springfield to visit some college friends this week. And then I heard some noise that sounded as if a certain two year old might not actually be napping. I really, really wanted him to take a good nap today because he's had a crazy schedule all week so I let him lay down in our bed, as he's normally very compliant because it's a nap-time treat! Well, today--not so much.

I walk in the bedroom to find him disassembling my keyboard.

I was soooooooooooooooooooooooooo not happy. 

I was too frustrated to have a productive naptime, so I opted to just lie down myself to cool off. Jackson cuddled close and proceeded to rub and pat my back exactly like I do each night when I tuck him in. He was being so darn sweet, I just couldn't stay mad. 

He never did nap. His excuse!? "He's got an email." As in, I'd say, "Jackson, lay down." and he'd reply, "I've got an email." as if it was the most crucial email ever! Where does he get this stuff!?!

My poor laptop has seen better days. It all started with losing the single B key about a year ago. I tried for hours to get that thing to stick back on with NO success whatsoever. And then the battery crapped out and so she only works plugged in. And last week, the mouse on the laptop stopped working and so a usb mouse must be used. And now the keys... It's probably begging to get taken apart for parts that Derek can use to it for some new computer project. And for the meantime, I will just be laptop-less. Sad day.



  1. Sorry to hear about your laptop. Even though mine officially belongs to the church (they let me use it for personal things too), I would be crushed if it broke. Praying you are able to get it fixed or even better, get an upgrade!

  2. Oh friend! :( That seriously blows big tim! I would be having major withdrawals right now!

  3. I had to laugh when I seen this picture. :D I posted a similar one on my blog too: What happened to my keyboard?

    My 18 mos. old opened up my laptop and went to town taking the keys off. lol Thankfully mine all snapped right back on tho'. Good luck with yours.


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