Sunday, April 3, 2011

Penguin Park

Derek had drill duty this weekend, so the kids and I have spent the weekend with Grammy and Papa. The weather has been B-E-A-UTIFUL so we went to Penguin Park. I remember the park from my childhood and I've really been wanting to take Jackson. Why is it called Penguin Park, you ask? See for yourself!

If you look at the bottom of the penguin, you can see Jackson going down the slide.

There is also a giant elephant to climb
(Jackson is almost to the top!)

an enormous kangaroo with a slide inside,
(Jackson wanted to give her a hug!)

and a big Giraffe that provided shade as Grammy sat on the bench with Belle.

Also, this weekend Jackson got to help Dad dig up some dirt with the "alligator" (excavator). Dad won't allow for him/us to simply call it a tractor.

And because my brother requested that I not blog/email without a photo of Belle (because he likes her more than he likes me... his words, not mine!) here she is sporting one of her new bows!



  1. That park looks like so much fun!

  2. I am back :)

  3. that has got to be the coolest park I have ever seen!!


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