Monday, April 18, 2011

Two Months

Belle is two months old today. Holy cow! She is just the sweetest little thing and very, very cute! 

You are growing so fast! You've gotten more liberal with your smiles lately and are starting to coo and talk to us. It is the sweetest sound ever. You must be going through some sort of growth spurt because last week you just wanted to eat and eat. And now this week, you're just sleeping and sleeping! We have your doctor appointment later this week so we will be able to see just how much you've grown! It also means that you've gotta get some shots. I'm not looking forward to it... and if you knew what was coming, you probably wouldn't either! You have a good sleeping schedule and you're weaning yourself from nighttime feedings too, which is wonderful because Daddy and I would love getting back to a full nights sleep soon! I just love, love being your Mommy and Daddy loves to come home to see your pretty smile. You may be small, but I know you've got him wrapped around your finger (and your Grandma's and Papa's too!). Daddy said just the other day that he noticed more of your personality shining through and we both can't wait to know you better as you grow older-- just don't grow too fast!
Love, Mommy



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