Sunday, April 17, 2011


After sporting the long, layered look for nearly 11 years I finally switched things up and got a new 'do! It was definitely time for a change. It's a simple bob cut- longer in the front, shorter in the back- with some bangs!

I actually had it cut twice. I was too chicken the first time to get it cut short enough, so I ended up going back two days later!

My inspiration for the change? My sister. She got her hair cut the weekend Belle was born and every time I've seen her since, I just thought it was so super cute. So, I texted her for permission to copy and I got the go-ahead. Mine is a little different with layers at the bottom and it's a little shorter. (I still like hers better, so I will be re-copying when it grows out a little bit.)

Once upon a time, I was the one with the cute wardrobe and she'd be wearing stuff out of my closet all of the time and then there was a brief period of mutual sharing of clothes. These days, it's only me rummaging through her stuff. She may borrow something of mine every once in awhile, but it's generally an item that she purchased!

Laura's become way stylish and as a mother of two children with an upcoming birthday--I'm lagging behind and getting dangerously close to being a prime candidate to be featured on What Not to Wear. So in attempt to avoid the mom-jean-rut, I have developed a new system:

What Would Laura Do?

What should I wear? What shoes would be cute with this outfit? What necklace? Should I keep this shirt or send it to goodwill? You get the point. Ever since I've adopted the WWLD philosophy, I get compliments every time I go out!

And what makes everything so much easier is that I have accumulated a ton of her hand-me-downs. She's gotten so skinny recently that's she's had to get new clothes and I totally called dibs on her leftovers. I'm not even insulted that I'm getting her too-big clothes or that I've actually got to get the rest of the pregnancy weight just to fit into them because I'm just too excited about my new wardrobe.

I wish her feet would get smaller (or bigger) so I could get my hands on some of her shoes.

(My other little sister Ashley always looks super cute too, but she's always been way too tiny for any of us to share clothes. Next time I see her I will be sure to ask her to put on a few pounds so she can join the fun!)



  1. Greg's clothes were never something to share...

    :) I agree, your sisters are super stylish. Love the haircut.

  2. Such a cute cut! I like your necklace too. I always thought it'd be fun to have a sister to share clothes ~ sharing doesn't work as well with super skinny mom & younger brother. :P


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