Thursday, May 26, 2011

It has been a long week

It started out with a visit to the doctor because Belle's breathing sounded like Darth Vader. Fortunately, it was only head congestion and not in her lungs. But the nurse used a larger-than-life nosey-sucky thingy to clear her out, which she HATED and then gave us instructions to keep her upright as much as possible, which has made sleeping (sleeping-- she sleeps!? ...not at night!) challenging.

It all started because Jackson had a cold and he shared it. His congestion did travel down to his lungs, which causes him to vomit when he coughs at times. It's awful. So, we've been doing breathing treatments.

We have a good system-- he sits, and watches the Backyardigans and after the full treatment, he gets a peice of candy. 

Derek was teaching Julie tips on fighting. 
(disclaimer: he didn't actually hit her!)

Sunday night the terrible tornado hit Joplin, which is just a couple hours south from us. Derek spent the weekend down there and headed home just earlier that morning. We've definitely counted those blessings. We weren't really affected by the storms on Sunday night, but we had our own storms on Wednesday.  This is a view of downtown Kansas City during the storm.

Mom and I were headed to take Jackson bowling when Derek called to tell me about the tornado watch (in our defense... the weather had called for rain all morning and it never happened, so we just decided to go out!). I immediately tried to contact Julie to tell her we were on our way home and to take cover in the basement. My phone picked a great time to stop working and so I never got a hold of her on our fifteen minute ride back. I rushed in to find her crouched in the back corner of our basement, wrapped in a blanket, crying. Denmark does not experience this kind of weather, so hearing the sirens and after hearing the devastation about what had happened in Joplin while being home alone-- she was scared to death!! Poor girl. Fortunately it passed; the storm was over as quickly as it came in!

Funnel cloud over Belton 

We finally put Julie to work to cover her living expenses!!

Ha, not really. She was practically begging to mow. Have you ever seen anyone so excited about yard work??

Tomorrow we are going camping so we spent the evening packing up and getting ready. I am super looking forward to it. I think Jackson is gonna love being outdoors.

And here's hoping next week doesn't feel so crazy so that I can find time to shower before I end up going 2 and a half days without one. Ick!



  1. The tornados that have happened down there are just heartbreaking to me... I'm so glad to hear you've been out of the worst of it though. Sending love and healing vibes for those kiddos of yours, and if Julie is really itching for some work to do - send her my way! :)

  2. Oh, I'm so sorry your babies are sick. That's always traumatic to have the nose plunger-thingie stuck up their nose, isn't it? My son had asthma as a little one. We called his nebulizer mask "Mr. Fishy" :o) He watched Rolie Polie Olie while sitting through his treatments. Thankfully, he outgrew the asthma. :o)

    Sorry to hear about the storms, but am glad to know you are safe. I grew up in Southeast Kansas and remember the sirens and the shout to 'hit the basement' when the tornadoes were churning.

    Loved all the pictures in this post! Happy iFellowship. :o)


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