Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Meeting Meg Cabot

Saturday was such a super fun day for me! I totally got to meet Meg Cabot- my very favorite author! My friend, Audrey, called a couple of weeks ago to tell me she was coming in town on a book tour and I had been looking forward to it ever since. It was Audrey who got me hooked on Meg after insisting I read The Princess Diaries series* five years ago and I have been a fan ever since! The series inspired the name Mia for our kitten (she was just too tiny to be named Fat Louie) and I always recommend it to friends!!

(source: www.megcabot.com)
*Yes, there really are books, ten actually. Laugh out Loud greatness!! The movie is based on the first book, but the second movie has nothing to do with the series (and that actually annoys Mia as you read about it in the later books). You really should read the books. I loved the movie, but it totally doesn't capture the hilarity of Mia's diary entries. 
Audrey and I met up at Panera before going to the venue, which is only to be expected as it was the location for our old book club meetings (before our lives got so super crazy) and where I was first introduced to Meg! Yes, after meeting her, I feel that we are close enough to be on a first-name basis. I mean, she wrote my name when she autographed my book! We both brought our favorite book to get signed in addition to the one included in our event ticket. Audrey's pick: Avalon High. My pick: Size 12 is Not Fat.

It was way cool to hear Meg speak. As she shared about some of the events in her life-- I totally felt that I already knew her because she's revealed a lot of it in the characters she's created. She didn't even have to outright say this experience inspired this book or that experience inspired that character. It was as she talked about her parents being professors I was thinking, "that really sounds familiar. Oh! That was from Avalon High!" And as she spoke about the grossness of her mom dating her teacher, it was exactly the same expression Princess Mia exhibits when it happens to her. And... she's an artist! How cool!

Audrey and me with Meg Cabot!!!
(We may or may not have been the only twenty-something fans, 
but we will never be too old for young adult fiction!)

If it is at all possible, I love Meg even more after going to her book signing on Saturday! She is as entertaining and funny in person as she is in her books. Great personality. I seriously want to be her BFF. And she had the cutest shoes!

Book club resumes this month. And our book to read is, of course, Abandon by Meg Cabot!



  1. So great you got to meet her! Great pic!!

    Wish she would come to Ireland!

  2. SO fun! I would love to meet some of my favorite authors!!

  3. I can only imagine your excitement! What fun. And I'm glad to hear that the Book Club is being resurrected. Miss you!


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