Monday, May 2, 2011

NyQuil Party

Jackson was so kind as to share his nasty cold with the rest of us in this house. The kids are over at the in-laws so that we can rest up and kick this thing! It starts out with a sore throat. Then comes the stuffy nose and sinus headaches followed by the never ending running nose! Julie has just started the sore throat phase. Derek's at the headache stage and I've been fighting it all for a couple days now. It's possible that if I blow my nose one more time, my brains might actually fall out.

After taking some meds last night, I was still pretty groggy today. I was looking forward to napping myself after I got both kids down for naps and got a few chores completed. I guess I was a bit anxious to get things done because after I put Jackson down for his nap, I didn't kiss his forehead and whisper "I love you" as I typically do! As I was walking out of his room, he cried, "Love me!!" And I felt like the crummiest mommy ever. I walked over and knelt down, kissed him, and told him I loved him sooo much. Even though it was just a tiny moment in our day, it really caught my attention. I never want to rush around to get things done that I forget to tell my kids that I love them!

Okay, I'm off to get some sleep! I can't wait to post about my super-exciting (to me, anyway!) Saturday- hopefully tomorrow!


  1. Hope you feel better soon! "love me!" how sweet of Jackson.

  2. Don't mean to offend you, but I couldn't stop giggling while reading this post. NyQuil can be pretty DANGEROUS! =) You just never know what could happen.


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