Monday, May 16, 2011

Our favorite walk

Spring has brought us nice weather (most of the time) and we have been outside soaking it up as much as we can. One of our (mostly Jackson's) favorite thing to do is go on a walk to look at the trains in downtown Belton. These are old trains on inactive tracks, so it's not dangerous to let him explore and look-- they are there for show! There are several different types of cars and calls each and everyone of them "Thomas." 

He stops to literally look at the trains every time we go!

He loves to touch the trains too! 
"Mommy, I touched it!"

It's the perfect distance for a nice walk from our place. If we have time, I'll pack a little snack and we'll take a break before our walk home!

Even Belle enjoys it! Despite the bumpy ride on the gravel, she can still offer a smile!

Then last week, when Uncle Phil came to visit, Jackson invited him to check out his favorite place. And then, it became even MORE fun because Uncle Phil helped him climb and explore the trains!

We seriously walk to the trains at least two or three times a week. We are looking forward to the summer months when you can buy train tickets on the weekends for a short ride and have ice cream during the ride! Jackson will just love it. And when we take our next trip to Branson, we will be staying here.


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