Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Three Months

Dearest Belle,

You are three months old today! And ohmigoodness you are SUCH a cutie. Everywhere I take you, people stop in their tracks to look and tell me what a precious baby girl I have. You of course, put on a show-- batting those beautiful eye lashes and flashing that beautiful gummy smile. Daddy tells me almost every day how pretty you are... proceeded by how he dreads the day when boys start to take notice! But we've already had lots of conversations about how real beauty comes from the inside, so stay a sweetie! You have started "talking" quite a bit these days and making all sorts of delightful sounds. It's music to my ears!

You never really caught on to the whole nursing thing, so I'm pumping instead and you take a bottle. You eat about four ounces every three hours, though sometimes it takes a lot of effort for you to even eat that much! You will sleep from about 8pm- 7am, waking up twice to eat an ounce or two. We go back and forth on the swaddling. You don't particularly like it, but you are just way to wiggly to sleep otherwise!

This night you spent the night away from the both of us for the first (and second) time. You went to Grandma Linda's first when we had a NyQuil party. Then last week, you went up to Grammy's so Daddy and I could go, and actually listen, to Julie's choir concert. Getting a full nights sleep was fabulous, but I was anxious to get a super cute smile from my baby girl!

We always hear about how much you look like Jackson.
(all pictures taken on three-month "birthdays")

I am sure that there will come a day when you might want to deny him as your older brother (like when I remind you of the time that he was using your foot as barcode scanner to "check" out his books from the library-- he made it beep and everything!), but I'm not so sure you that you will be able to pull it off! You do have lots more hair and you are much cuter in pink! We love you so very, very much!!


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