Thursday, May 19, 2011

Today at a glance

We got Belle giggles!!!!! This little cutie happens to be super ticklish- her neck and her feet, especially. It was so super cute. I am a bit relieved to have found a way to get her to giggle without having to flail about like an idiot, as was required to get laughs from Jackson. She's sleeping now, but I am almost tempted to go wake her up just to hear those laughs! Okay, I would never wake a sleeping baby for that... but I am totally looking forward to more giggles tomorrow!

Derek left for drill tonight. After packing all 50 million pounds of gear, he raided his tootsie-roll bank to score some change to feed his caffeine addiction over the weekend. You can tell he's done this a time or two before as his pile is mostly bronze. I may check him in to Dr. Pepper rehab once he starts taking 104 pennies to QuikTrip.

Right now, I have a group of teenagers in my basement watching Titanic. I totally thought it was a weird movie choice, but it turns out that there are several who haven't ever seen the movie. Americans-- you should be ashamed of yourselves! I mean, even the Dane, German, and Israeli have seen it. Geez! How can this be?! Even worse... most haven't seen Grease either. 

Even though this was yesterday, I'm still including it! In attempts to occupy Jackson without using the television (he asks to watch tv every second of every day and sobs when I say no... so I have to be creative!). He totally had fun. His favorite "toy" was the medicine measure spoon.

He also liked to play "where's my feet?"

As you can see, this was a pretty messy activity. Derek was home for a few minutes in mid-morning and when he left, he remarked "have fun!" in a total "yeah right" sort of way. So, I asked, "is he climbing on the counter? is he crying at my feet? No? Well then I *am* having fun!" Who cares if I find beans around the kitchen for the next 5 years?!


  1. 1. Love me some baby giggles!
    2. My theory as to why those kids haven't seen the aforementioned movies: those two films are probably new to DVD...I know in my collection they are in VHS. And teens today have no idea what a VHS tape is! ie, we're old!?
    3. Way to go, creative Mom! New game: find the beans and put them in a jar. Looks like he could be busy for a while. :)

  2. Love that Belle photo.
    Hard for me to believe they hadn't seen Titanic! I went at least twice in the theater {oh high school!}.


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