Sunday, June 19, 2011

"... Call my Dad."

So this comic was in the paper a few Sunday's ago and I actually laughed out loud.

With me, it's not changing a tire as much as it is checking my oil. He still periodically asks if I've checked my oil and my answer is, "uhm...  no." Before I got married, it wasn't unusual for the mileage to get up to 5,000 or 6,000 miles between changes. I still catch him checking the oil when I'm up at their house at times. He has shown me several times how to check it, but between him and Derek they've got it covered.

What makes this comic all of the more appropriate this Father's Day is that my dad is at this moment taking my car engine a part in attempts to fix the issue he's been trouble-shooting for over a year and a half. My dad is an awesome car guy. He acquired this free, pre-historic (as far as cars are concerned... it's over 20 years old) car earlier this year and he has it up and running like brand new. Whatever is up with my engine  (valve? pump? something like that...) is almost impossible to tackle for even a trained Ford technician. But my dad is awesome enough to give it a go saving us thousands, yes thousands, of dollars.

Yet, I realize that this will come at a cost of being reminded of this task for the rest of my life, I'm sure (like how I still hear about the time he took Jackson up to Trenton--without extra diapers--and Jackson had a poopy diaper and it's *my* fault). I told him the other night that I was super glad that he was my dad. He replied, "I'm not". Whatever. He doesn't mean it. Because without me, he wouldn't have his grand kids. 

I would say that I just need to get him a really cool Father's Day gift this year... but I just found the Panera gift card I got him FIVE YEARS ago in his desk earlier this week.  He can't get away with letting  a $5 card valuable stuff like that go to waste! Besides, I gave him a granddaughter just a four months ago. 

Seriously though, I'm so blessed to have him. Love you Dad!!

I do need to give a great shout out to my great Father-in-Law too. Several months ago, my sister Laura said to me, "I hope I have a father-in-law like Forrest someday." And I said, "I hope you do too!" :)


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