Saturday, June 18, 2011

Four Months

Dearest Belle.

You are four months old today! And you just get more and more fun and cute every day. I know other people think so too because every time we go out, people stop just to soak up some of your sweetness! You know when you're the center of attention and you're pretty good at putting on a show.
(click on the picture to see it larger-- so worth it!) 

Ever since you were teeny-tiny, you've been eager to hold your head up and so now you're already sitting up with assistance! You've got a super-tight grasp so you've started playing with toys too! By playing, I mean, putting your mouth all over them.

You had your first taste of baby cereal the other day. It was a few days before your official four month birthday, but you were displaying all of the developmental milestones, so I did it anyway. This mama of yours is grasping at straws to get you to get over waking up to eat twice every night.

We put up your crib earlier this week. As much as I love you sweet child, I am so glad you aren't sleeping in our room anymore. Plus, it makes it so much more fun to come get you in the mornings and after napw! This is the face that awaits me every time! Even if you are crying, as soon as I walk in, you flash this huge smile-- and you legs go straight up in the air. It's so funny!

Clearly, we are so in love with you precious girl! But there are just a couple things we need to chat about. First, let's talk sleeping. You are getting up two times every single night. While you look all cute and happy in the morning, I do not. And it's starting to show. Grandma Linda called your dad to ask if you and Jackson could spend the night tonight because she thought I look like I needed a break, a chance to sleep through the night. So my lack of beauty rest is starting to show. Other than needing to eat, you're a great sleeper and take good naps. So, it's just the eating thing. Let's work on it. (If it helps motivate you, your brother was sleeping almost 12 hours a night by now...)

Next. All of a sudden, you have started to have poopy diaper explosions, like, everyday. Not cool. It's not just that I have to deal with the mess, but it contributes to the amount of laundry and it takes so much work to get out of your cute clothes. Lastly, you've started to spit up sometimes after a bottle, too. It's yucky.

I don't have any height or weight stats this month. I forgot to make your four month appointment until just this week, so we can't get in until next month. When we took you into the doctor a couple weeks ago, you weighed in at 12.5 pounds, so my guess is 13 pounds-ish? You're still pretty petite, wearing a lot of 0-3 month clothes and the 3-6 month clothes you do wear are pretty big.

I have to include one more picture. I looooooove your eyes. It's not just the blue color (like Daddy's) but it's the shape and the eyelashes, too. And the way you just look around to observe the world and the special looks you save for me and daddy. I could stare at them forever.

You're beautiful, baby girl. Your daddy and I love you very, very much! 



  1. Adorable :) :) She really does smile like that when someone walks into the room!


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