Thursday, June 30, 2011

It's Pool Time

The City of Belton just built a brand new pool! It opened yesterday and so my sister Ashley and I took the kids! It was so much fun. 

Jackson splashed Ashley and she was all like, "what did you do that for?" Uhm... you're in the water!!! You're bound to get wet sometime!

Belle and I hung out for a little bit before getting in. She's anticipating the fun!

This is her new way of sitting in the stroller... slouched with feet up! She never puts them down.

Jackson loved the play thing in the middle of the kids cove and going down the slide

but he didn't really like the process of getting to the play set... he walked the entire way covering his eyes, sometimes running into things. Humorous.

And he loved the fountains too, of course.

Aunt Ashley took Jackson for several rides around the lazy river.

Jackson ended up being too short to reach the rope to climb across, but Ashley did it. 

Time for Belle to enjoy some water fun!

First, we went on the lazy river together

And then she played in these super cool little seats! They are perfect for pre-walkers!

I mean, look at the girl... she is totally just chillin'.

And this is how far we have to travel to enjoy some of this pool fun... this view is from our front window.

My housing location just got THAT much more awesome (especially since I still live on a side road, so it's still calm and quiet). Be jealous.



  1. Oh gosh that looks like so much fun!! Of course no one wants to see me in a bathing suit right now and I am not sure they even make them big enough to fit twin preggo bellies LOL!

  2. What an awesome looking pool & looked like a great day!


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