Monday, June 13, 2011

Memorial Day Weekend: Camping

Our Memorial Day weekend was jammed packed full of fun! So much fun, and so many pictures that I have to divide it into a few different posts. Tonight's post will be about camping!!

First, we had to put up the tent! 
Jackson was the crew leader

Hhmm.... that's not quite how it works! 

Once he figured it out how the poles, he was a big help!

 There was a big fallen down tree behind out campsite so Jackson and I went to climb and explore!

Grammy stopped by and here and Jackson went "fishing" in the puddles of water.

It's a nifty fishing rod, isn't it?

Julie found this awesome stick. First, we chuckled because it looked like the middle finger. And then she thought it looked like an L, and then she figured it could be used as a nose picker too! It was used as a Derek-poker once too... before he snapped it! Ugh!

Jackson "helped" with dinner... by helped, I mean, made more work for me, but he got to be involved.

Aunt Laura visited too!

Roasting marshmallows 

Jackson likes his well done!

 Belle enjoyed chillin' in her little area! She loves the outdoors.

Two goofballs

Hanging out by the fire!

Jackson LOVED his headlamp!

He got super hyper with it on. His face may not look all that rambunctious, but check out the sock in the air. He was throwing it around the tent.

Julie enjoyed some nice Belle cuddles by the fire.

The next morning, we woke up to find that the raccoons enjoyed all of our capri suns. They opened the cooler, took them out, and left them scattered all around. But hey, at least they closed the lid!

Jackson was a big help when it was time to pack up!

And he helped load up the car!

Jackson seemed to enjoy himself. If you were to ask you about camping he would mention that we built a fire, had hot dogs and marshmallows, and that he shared a bed with Julie. He really enjoyed being outside and having the freedom to roam. Belle did really well too! We had a pack-and-play type thing, but she ended up in the bed with us. Jackson woke up with the sun, like 6:15ish, and talked non-stop for like thirty minutes until we all got up because we'd given up on getting any more sleep. 

We had a great time camping. The weather was cool, but that beats super hot any day. I would like to have been able to stay longer, but the scheduling just didn't work. Hopefully we will be able to take another trip sometime this summer!

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  1. Awww, looks like such a fun time!! Love me some smores!!


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