Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Memorial Day Weekend: Shooting

I had promised Julie a long, long time ago that Derek would take her shooting and we were running out of time. Several members of our family and friends express their second amendment rights, so she has been eager to give it a try! Derek loaded up his guns (yes, plural... did you read that crazy internet stalker dude!? Don't mess with this house.) and we headed out in to the middle of nowhere to spend the afternoons shooting. If it gives you any idea of how far in the middle of nowhere we were, Jackson was counting barns to pass the time.

Here are some pics!
She's excited!
Introduction to Gun Safety 101

Getting the gun ready to shoot

BAM! Julie was awesome. She shot the three targets all in a row and then did it again so we could get it on video! 

I also got all of my targets in a row! And then I called it a day.

Mom and Dad both shot too.

 "Cover your ears Jackson!" ... and this is what he did.

Julie also got to shoot the AK47, which she got the target on the first try from 70 yards! 

And lastly, the rifle

This is the Pepsi can she demolished! (also a little snake, but that was gross so I didn't take a picture)

We all had a good time. Who knew Julie was going to be such a good shot?? Don't want to get in a gun fight with her!

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