Thursday, June 23, 2011

Once upon a time

Once upon a time, there were two high school BFFs who did almost everything together. They only had a handful of school classes together, but writing/passing skillfully folded notes were a daily occurrence. After school hours were spent at volleyball practices before dinner, marching band practice after dinner; FCA on Monday nights, church on Wednesday nights, competitions on Saturdays. And then there were the sleepovers, mission trips, youth events, summer camps, double dates, you name it... they did it together!

Super Bowl Party 2000
(for the record, this Rams jersey was in support for the Super Bowl only-- supporting fellow Missiourians. I, however, am a loyal Chiefs fan.)

 Prom 2002

The bad news is that high school ended. College started. Life got busy! The good news is that they still keep in touch and it doesn't matter if it's been weeks, months, or years... they can pick up right where they left off without missing a beat.

Flashback: It's 2001. Legally Blonde hits the theaters. I have no idea if we saw this movie together, but I have my guess that we did. We, of course, then are in agreement that we will become lawyers and we will do so wearing pink.

Fast Forward a few years: We are both still studying our undergrad (which both happen to be marketing degrees) and MTV broadcasts the Broadway debut of Legally Blonde: The Musical. I looooove it!

Fast Forward a few more years: We're both in grad school (Casey is still on track with the law school plan; I am totally not). Legally Blonde: The Musical comes to Kansas City. I love it even more in real life. And I called Casey the next day and was all like, "OHMIGOSH! You've GOT to see this! You are going to be just. like. Elle!"

Fast Forward again. It's been ten years now-- it's 2011. Casey just graduated with her law degree- woo hoo! I'm a mom with two kids and an estimated graduation date of NEVER with my Master's Degree that has nothing to do with law. But we both do still share a mutual love of the color pink (it's the important things that bind us!). So, I somehow figure out that Legally Blonde: The Musical is passing through St. Louis, so I called and said, "We have to go!" and we made tentative plans.

Then this Monday comes along and it dawns on me that the play is happening THIS WEEK! I called Casey and (because of my wonderful mother who watched the kiddos) we totally put together a plan to go the very next day (yesterday). I drove to Columbia to meet up with Casey. We headed out for St. Louis, ate at Olive Garden, enjoyed the show from the free seats at the Muny, and then got in the car to drive to Columbia laughing at our pathetic selves for being so tired at 1am when we used to stay up that late listening to the Backstreet Boys years ago! She got up this morning to go to class (to get ready for the Bar) and I drove home.

It was a super fun, whirlwind of a trip! Makes my life feel kind of interesting actually. Totally worth the eight hours of driving there and back to see a silly musical. But it wasn't just about the show (which is fabulous), but it was wonderful chatting with such an old friend.

Our lives are so totally opposite now, but no matter how different they might become, nothing can change the fact that we were once two high school BFFs that did everything together. And that is just enough to ensure a friendship forever!


  1. I love this one! There is nothing quite like those forever friendships!

    And I am totally jealous of you getting to go to a musical! We sadly just do not have enough of that up here!

  2. Yay for long time friendships! Glad y'all had fun at the play.

  3. Nice shoes in the first pic

  4. So, I just stumbled on this again. A couple things: 1) I cannot believe that was three years ago already; 2) It did my heart good to remember how much fun we had in high school, on this trip, anytime we get together...although those times are more few and far between; and 3) We really should get together sometime soon. I miss you!

    Also, this is Casey...I do not know how to comment - the only thing I could figure out to put was "anonymous" because I don't have any of the other profiles or accounts. Note to self: never add "technologically savvy" to any list of accomplishments I ever create.


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