Saturday, July 16, 2011

I'm spending the week at summer camp!

I am currently en route to summer camp! I kissed my family goodbye last night (which was hard when Jackson kept saying, "but i want mommy to stay home!") and I am headed to Lost Canyon camp close to Williams, Arizona for the week.

This isn't the typical teenage summer camp. Sure there are cabins, water slides, and the blob, but this camp is for teen moms and their babies. I will be providing childcare each day for the activities that the mommies do by themselves.

Over the past several months, I have been blessed to serve in a ministry called YoungLives, which is a part of the popular high school ministry organization, YoungLife. YoungLives is a much needed ministry for a very unique set of teenagers- teen moms! 

The Belton YoungLives chapter is the fist of its kind in the Kansas City area. Some come from 20 miles away just to be a part of the group. The girls meet once a month for a meal, activities, (both with and without kiddos) and a devotional time while other care for the babies.

I have been passionate about this ministry from the get go. I think it's derived from being in a similar stage of life- motherhood of young kids! I love being a mommy, but there are times when it is just downright hard and times when I just feel so overwhelmed! I cannot even imagine doing this motherhood thing as a teenager. I am so blessed to have an amazing support system and I just felt the Lord calling me to be a part of the support system for these girls.

So, while it was really hard to leave my own children last night, I just know that this is where I am supposed to be. In the busy lives these girls lead with schoolwork, jobs, relationships and babies, these girls deserve some fun. But its really more than just having fun. Camp is an opportunity for the moms and their babies to be surrounded by the love of Christ for an entire week. This could be one of the very first times for these teen moms to hear the gospel! And for a mom to decide to follow Christ will go on to impact the young child. How amazing would it be if all of these moms left camp feeling refreshed, rejuvenated and committed to raising their children in a Godly home?!

So I ask for your prayers this week for the moms, children, and volunteers. Pray that it would be a week of growth and enjoyment, and that the Lord will work in the all the lives of the people at camp!


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  1. I hope you have a great time!! Sounds like a wonderful summer camp! Praying all goes well


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