Sunday, July 24, 2011

Rewind: Royals Game

From the time when Julie first got here (almost exactly one year ago!) I had wanted to take her to a Royals game- being that baseball is America’s sport and all. We attempted a game last fall, but it got rained out and so we squeezed in a game in the week before she flew home. I love going to Royals games! We all had a good time.

Julie invited her friend Katie and Derek’s parents came too!

Jackson got to meet slugger (though he wasn’t very interested)

But he did like getting a close up view of the game.

So, as it sometimes happens, the Royals weren’t doing so great and the game got kind of boring, so we went exploring! Who knew that KC had its own Statue of Liberty!?

Jackson had fun on the playground

Our tickets included all of the kid ride/activities, so we wanted to make sure to take advantage (because you can be assured I won’t ever purchase tickets to do these things otherwise). We rode the carousel at least three times.

After being featured on the JumboTron, Jackson got to bat at the Little K! He did pretty well hitting, but when it came time to run the bases, he kind of just ran everywhere. He’s practice the running bases part, so if he did it now, he’d be a pro!

He did a few more activities, and then we did go back to watch the rest of the game, but we did enjoy watching it from the outfield for while first.

We had a really good time at the game. The weather was perfect and I was glad Julie got to experience it; even though I’m sure she thought it was boring, which it kind of was. But the company was good! I’m headed back for Ladies’ Night at the K the day after I get home from camp. Can’t wait!


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