Thursday, July 14, 2011

Two and a half

That's what Jackson will say when you ask him how old he is: two and a half. I'm not even sure where he picked up on that, but it's true, so I don't argue.

My cute 2 1/2 year old Carolina boy

Jackson is a really funny kid. I don't know if it's the age or if it's his personality, but he makes me laugh every day. (I don't always laugh out loud as to encourage his behavior, but I chuckle about it later as I am retelling the story.) I have even been writing them down in a note app on my phone so I don't forget. I am sure writing it here won't capture the humor of the moment, but at least I'll have it here to use against him look back down the line and remember this stage. Here are a few "Jackson-isms".
His favorite food is sloppy joes. It's not uncommon for him to ask to have "sloppy joeys" for dinner.
He also frequently requests to watch an "apple-sode" of his favorite show. Right now that includes Thomas, Sid the Science Kid, and the "Bwackwardigans" (Backyardigans)
In just the past couple of days, Jackson has gotten really good about being polite and asking for things without crying and/or whining. It's wonderful! Though just a few weeks ago, he went through this incredibly awful whiny stage when everything he said ended in "uh". "But Mommy-uh!" "I'm Sorry-uh!" 
When we are in the car, Jackson likes to point out everything he sees. "That's a big truck!", "Lots of tunnels!". Well, one day we drove by downtown and he was pointing out the tall buildings and then all of a sudden he shouted with such enthusiasm, "Look Mommy! A SPACESHIP!" I have no idea what he was talking about, but he was just too excited for me to explain otherwise. 
Also driving related. My mother started a game of putting your hands over your head when you drive under a bridge (Jackson calls them tunnels) and make a big deal about the fact that there are cars/a train driving over your head. Do you know how many bridges and overpasses we go under just on the way to my parents house-- like a million.  
Today in the car, Jackson informed me that he did not have wings. He has arms. Good to know buddy! And he also asked to have some "monster" and ketchup on his hot dog for lunch.  
The most funny things of all are his comments about his little boy parts. He says something about it almost daily. Let's just say he's very aware of it and that he likes to say aloud every observation about it. And I will just have to hope these comments are funny enough to remember because I don't particularly embarrass him completely as this blog will double as his scrapbook of childhood memories.  
And Jackson is all boy when it comes to bodily functions. He always has to announce when he toots and he has to say specifically, "I tooted from my bottom". Ha. 
He recently because the "classic older sibling". It didn't hit when Belle was first born, but now it's hardcore. He has asked for a bottle and even tried baby food. He has shown off his ability to roll over and smile whenever we fuss over Belle doing the same. But it's mainly just whenever family pays attention to Belle that he acts like that. If it's people at the store, park, or casual friends, whenever they come to look at her, Jackson gets all proud and says, "That's my baby. She's my sister! Isn't she cute!?" Precious.  
When I come of the stairs from doing laundry, Jackson stands at the top with his arms open wide and says, "I'll catch you up, Mommy!" 
He calls spider webs, "spiderman" and "spidermans" (or any bug in general) make him upset. "Get away from me Spiderman!" 
And lastly, yesterday I was sitting on the couch when Jackson came over and said, "I love you Mommy. How was your day?" Well, being that it was only 8:30am and it started out with that sweetness, I said I had a great day! Asking about your day is his new thing and he wants you to ask him the same thing in return and he'll say something like, "it was nice." 
Being two, he of course has his break downs and tantrums. Oh, and the never ending "Why?" and "What's that?" questions. But, he is so super fun, and cute and I'm really enjoying him. And because it's just so exciting, I just have to mention how wonderful it is that he is potty trained and no more diapers!!!



  1. 1. He just asked for sloppy joes while you were at the grocery store! 2. There probably was a spaceship; like in Transformers when the robots are fighting next to the car and the boy screams 'mom mom mom mom mom' and she creams 'cody cody cody cody cody' how would you like if I always yelled your name?! And she missed the robots. (idk the boys actual name).

  2. What a fun age, he is so handsome! Mine turned two in april, such a handle but so fun, love it!


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