Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Fort Jackson

Not the army post located in South Carolina. We're talking Fort Jackson right here in our very house here in Kansas City.

Jackson has a new (to us) bed! It's a loft bed with a slide. Add some curtains to the bottom and he has a nifty little fort! Of course, he loves it. And of course it's added a challenge to bedtime, but it's getting better as the newness wears off. It really is super fun and Derek is a bit jealous that he doesn't  didn't have one.

Here's a video of Jackson enjoying his new bed!

Quite a bit of fun for a hand-me-down bed! And Great-Grandpa picked up some race car sheets at a garage sale that make the bed even cooler! Jackson is in little boy heaven!



  1. Ummmm.... SERIOUSLY with that slide?!? I am a jealous girl for sure!

  2. that is a seriously awesome bed for a kid!!! I would have loved to have had that when I was younger. HAppy little guy for sure;0


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