Tuesday, August 30, 2011

My Quotable Kid

I would love this little book to write down all of the things Jackson says. Unfortunately for me (a good thing for our checkbook) this guy is out of stock so this virtual space of mine will just have to do! I really didn't know motherhood would make me laugh so much. I love it!!
Here are some of Jackson's recent notable quotes:

  • If you ask Jackson his name, he will say "I'm Jackson (pronounced Jackshon) and I'm two and a half!" In all actuality, a stranger is more likely to know he is two and a half than to know his name. 
  • When I say, "Do you understand me?" he replies by saying "Yes Man."
  • He uses the word "shark" interchangeably with "sharp". Is that too shark for me?
  • In Jackson's world you pay for something and you get whatever you want. One night when we couldn't see the moon, he asked if I could pay for the moon so he could look at it from his window. He also asked for money the other day so that he could buy cookies for Daddy. 
  • Jackson is exploring using emotion words and he doesn't always get it right. Sitting at Dairy Queen a few weeks ago, he is delighting in his ice cream and proclaims, "I'm upset" in the most matter of fact sort of tone. He was convinced he was upset, but we were convinced otherwise. This morning, Jackson was talking to Derek on the phone and he proclaimed, "but you just made me mad!" in the sweetest little voice. Ha. No idea. 
  • Also speaking to Daddy-- the other day, the two were wrestling around when Jackson stops and gets so serious. He gives Derek a big hug and says, "I'm so glad you're here" in the sweetest, affectionate voice. He really meant it!
  • I have convinced Jackson that because I am the mommy I can kiss him whenever I want (and I do). He loves to run while I tackle him to give some kisses. But when he doesn't want a kiss, he say's "You're not my mommy" because he knows he can't say, "don't kiss me/you can't kiss me". 
  • We drove by the an amusement park the other day and he says, pointing to a roller coaster, "I want to ride that so I can go AHHHHHH!!" I told him that needs to get taller before he can ride a roller coaster and he has asked me every day if he is tall enough yet. Once, he sat up higher in his chair and asked if that made him tall enough. 

Sometimes Derek and I just lay in bed and laugh about all of the funny things that Jackson comes up with. We love this kid. Derek keeps asking when Belle is going to talk. I definitely look forward to hearing her interpretations of the world around her, but once she starts talking too my ears are never ever going to get a break!!


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