Thursday, August 25, 2011

Two Super Grovers

Our cute friend Chacey came to play today! We sure do miss her! It took a little while for the kiddos to get back in their grove-- Chacey doesn't feel as much ownership of this space as she once did and Jackson, not having to share his toys much anymore, has lost interest in sharing them ever. But after jumping on the bed, sliding, and playing in the fort- they got back in a grove. And then they became Super Grover. 

Super Grover = blankets tied as capes and running laps around the house as if you were Grover from Sesame Street. Derek was just happy to have a break and to not have to be the second superhero tonight!

(It wasn't just Chacey over. I feel as if my readers might think Chacey just is motherless and just never appears, but her mom, Elizabeth, and I are friends! Even though I sort of think she uses me so she can hang out with Belle.

Anyway, we got to chat and hang out whilest our husbands were out doing more fun things than watching kids... but it was good.)

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