Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Daddy Fun

My kids are so blessed to have such a good daddy! Derek is so good about playing with the kids when he gets home- like gets down on the floor and rolls around and gets all silly, even though he's put in a long day at work. Jackson will say, "You came back for me!?" when Derek walks in the door at night and Belle gets all happy when she sees him too {which, if I am holding her, it means she gets wiggly and flails her arms about and I am collateral damage}. It's all just so sweet. 

Derek is off for his two weeks of annual training, but he got in some good Daddy Fun before heading out.

Belle was cracking up at Derek making some sort of silly noise at dinner tonight. I love me some baby giggles!

Lately, Derek has been so good at getting down and playing all sorts of silly games with Jackson. Like, I will leave for just a little bit and when I come home, the two have some sort of play secrets. It includes watching Spiderman cartoons and wrestling/running/throwing on the couch. Super cute. 

I thought Jackson was just climbing on for a typical horsey ride...

 ... but apparently, it includes Derek running around the house with Jackson giggling hysterically the entire time. And Jackson insists that he say, "ye ha" while running. 

Not only is Derek Super-fun Dad, but he pulled out his great husband card the other night when he watched both kids while I went out for a girls' night and he cleaned the entire house after the kids went to bed.

Yes, be jealous.


  1. I am very jealous!! My hubby and little one are both sick : (

  2. These pictures are adorable. I love that your son says,"you came back to me". That must just make his heart melt.

  3. Is he a figment of your imagination, because that's too good to be true!!!


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