Friday, September 2, 2011

Doctor Jackson

What do you need to play doctor? If you're two (and a half), all you need is a hanger and some stuffed animals (or a Grandma).

See him listening with his "stethoscope"?

And look at his long line of patients!

It was so cute to sit and watch him play doctor tonight. It's like a peek at how he views the world. He was listening to them and also looking in their ears and saying, "nope, not in there!"-- which is what the doctor said to him this week! She said she needed to see if the frog jumped in his ear and he sat so still for her to look! Jackson was also giving out lots of pokes, but band-aids too. Poor guy. That's all he thinks doctors do since we go every week.

But seriously, I'm so impressed with his imagination in using a hanger for a stethoscope/ear-checker-flashlight-thing/band-aid holder. (take that you nurse who thought he was behind on his pretend play!). I've never seen him play quite like that before. So cute.


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