Thursday, September 29, 2011

I'm NEVER playing again!

A Sonic frisbee made itself into our yard this week-- the kind that's worth a free Route 44 drink and 10% off your order. Cool, eh? Before we trade our frisbee in for the goodies, we had lots of fun tossing it back and forth in the backyard. 

Derek showed Jackson how to throw it and we all took turns throwing it to each other. Of course, when Jackson threw, it didn't get very far, but we were always saying "good throw" and other sentiments because he was doing a pretty good job for being two.

But apparently, Jackson was just getting frustrated that he couldn't throw it as far as we were. One time, after tossing the frisbee just a short distance, he stomped his feet and did the Johne-Chapman-grunt and screamed "I AM NEVER PLAYING AGAIN!" and he stormed off. I tried to tell him it was a good throw and he continued shouted back, "It was NOT a good throw and I'm NOT playing again!" 

Derek and I totally cracked up {in the quiet way as to not hurt his feelings}. But seriously, it was hilarious.

He really didn't play with it again and he actually got mad that Derek and I continued to play. Temper much?

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