Thursday, September 1, 2011

Just a Mommy

I read a blog post a few weeks ago about never describing yourself as "just" anything. Like when people say, "I'm just a stay at home mom" as a way of admitting that it's a lazy job or something. But right now, I am totally embracing being "just a mommy".

This past year was just CRAZY! Foreign exchange student, attending grad school, "single" mom to a toddler, full time childcare provider-- all while being pregnant with an active duty husband. It totally didn't seem to crazy busy at the time. It was just life, but just thinking about it in hindsight wears me! I loved (still do) every aspect of that chaotic time and I wouldn't go back to change a single thing!! I love my grad school studies, Julie became a permanent part of our family, and can't imagine Belle becoming a part of our family at any other time.

Life right now is different. I am "just a mommy." And I love it that way. It's back-to-school time everywhere around me, but not for me. There are foreign exchange students who need homes. I've thought about finding a job to bring in extra money, but now just isn't the time. I will have the rest of my life to fill full with a jam-packed schedule, but this is the time for my family. This is the time for my kids.

I am enjoying days with my kids, evenings with my family. I am enjoying my efforts to become a better housewife. I have time in most of my days to just breathe. I have found a new hobby with crafty stuff and I am making all sorts of fun things for around the house! My kitchen is clean at the end of most night. Derek and I typically watch a show together and we have time to have conversations before bed. I have the time to become more involved in YoungLives and I am working hard on being intentional about finding opportunities to serve others. Instead of being strung out across so many different "hats" I am able to wear a select few a little more deeply.

And it feels good. 

It feels right. Just like last year felt right; I knew that is what God had in store for me during that season. But I am really enjoying this season too. I will eventually get around to finishing my grad school. I will eventually work outside the home. And I will eventually start saying "yes" to being involved in other activities and projects. But for now we're keeping our life simple, enjoying our little family for what it is right now. Life is good.

While my blog has been, and will continue to be predominantly my "scrapbook" for our family memories, I am eager to share new things in this space. I have DIY projects to share, recipes, and home organizing tips that have really helped me develop in my "just a mommy" stage of life!


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